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Best Beaches to Visit in Belize in 2021 – Belize Tour Guide

The sky above and sand below, happiness and peace within refreshes you. Explore best beach destinations in Belize for the next summer holiday!

Belize is an adventurous island, a ray of sunshine in Central America as one of the popular tourist destination. Belize is an English spoken country perched between Mexico and Guatemala. The country has a 240 miles long mesmerizing Caribbean coastline and a laid back atmosphere that takes away all your stress and worries the moment you step out into its beautiful surroundings.

With a vast coastline, the beaches of Belize make for the primary attraction for the tourists. If you are looking for best beaches in Belize for families, couples trip or to plan trip as a traveler, then before choosing from best beaches to stay in Belize, you would like to get the answers to the following questions:

  • Does Belize have beautiful beaches?
  • Does Belize Have Good Beaches?
  • Can you swim in the ocean in Belize?
  • What is the best area to stay in Belize?
  • Where do celebrities stay in Belize?
  • Is Belize a good place for a family vacation?

Well, let us take you further on exploring Belize where you can enjoy beach sunrises and sunsets by availing yourself of an exclusive holiday package. You can stay in a  luxurious hotel in the main city Belize and plan your trip around.

Belize is truly a great vacation destination for both kids and adults. Not only was the trip enjoyable for all involved, it is very affordable!

10 Best Belize Beaches For Family Vacation

From the obscure to the popular, find the best stretches of coast, both on the mainland and the offshore cays, with our list of the best beaches to visit in Belize that will help you plan your itinerary better.

1) Placencia

best beach vacation in belize

Placencia beach is in the southern part of Belize and is considered a “barefoot perfect” beach. It has a 16-mile long coastline surrounded by the Caribbean in the east and the Placencia lagoon in the west.

Placencia has sandy beaches full of adventure activities like snorkeling, diving with whale sharks, sailing, and lots of inland excursions. One day tours are available for those who wish to explore the Belize Barrier Reef.

The beaches of the Placencia peninsula originate at Maya Beach in the north, cover Seine Bight, and end in the lap of Placencia Village.

Travel Options to Placencia:

The place is 114 miles from the main city of Belize.

  • You can take a flight from Belize.
  • 3hrs. Journey by bus or taxi

Hotels / Places to Stay:

 Here are the top 5 places where you can stay comfortably.

  • Xanadu Island Resort
  • The Placencia, A Muy’ono Resort
  • Ocean Breeze Beach Resort
  • Placencia Villas
  • Miramar Apartments

Eating Points/ Restaurants :

Here are the top 5 restaurants nearby where you have delicious food.

  • Rumfish y Vino
  • The Breezeway Restaurant
  • The Galley Restaurant and Bar
  •  The Secret Garden
  • Dawn’s Grill

One of the adventurous attractions is hiring a yacht for day and night. Boats are also available to take you inside the calm and clear blue water. You can adore a long pleasant ride in the boat.

2) Ambergris Caye Island

Ambergris Caye is an eye-catching beach offering a laid-back atmosphere, plenty of water sports. It is the largest island among the hundreds of islands in northern Belize.

 The town is overcrowded as compared to other beach towns in the country. But, you can find serenity by hiring a boat from one of the many piers and travel up to the north of Ambergris Caye.

The significant attraction of the area is to visit the spectacular Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, also known as the Great Mayan Reef. The beauty of this place is awesome and no doubt it is a must watch place if you are in Belize.

Belize Barrier Reef, the Cayos Cochinos Marine Park, the Hol Chan Marine Reserve, and the Arrecifes de Cozumel National Park are the nearby locations to visit. You can play the ‘chicken drop’ game at Wahoo’s Lounge and get a chance to win.

Travel Options:

The place is around 121 miles. away from on the western side of the main city of Belize. It takes 4 hr 49 min to travel by road via Western Hwy. From Belize, you can take a flight by booking with Maya Island Air or tropic Air . There are more than a dozen flights between San Pedro, Caye Caulker, and Belize City

Places to Stay:

The top 4 places to stay nearby.

Eating Points/ Restaurants :

listing the top 5 restaurants around.

  • Stella’s Sunset
  • Coconut Café
  • Estel’s Dine by the Sea
  • Wild Mango’s
  • Sandy Toes Beach Bar & Grill

3) Caye Caulker

best beach caye caulker in belize

Caye Caulker is another gem in the list of Belize’s best beaches and a great tourist place in Belize. The beach is at the shores of the Caribbean sea.

 If you like to experience the calmness and peace at the beachside, the beach has all options for you. The place has no commercial vehicles moving around. Everything is within a walkable reach. However, the bicycles are available for rent to take around.

 You can plan a day trip to Caye Caulker involving laying around in a hammock and snorkeling when you want a break from hammock swinging. The cave tubing and Belize ruins are also around if you like to visit.

The place is a famous adventurous tourist destination for youngsters. On the whole, Caye Caulker has lots in store for tourists. You can plan a visit here during your stay in Belize. The place is 40.8 miles, away from the city.

Travel Options:

Caye Caulker is a small island off the coast of Belize, (1 mile) west of the Barrier Reef. The adventurous way to reach here is to take a water taxi. Also, you can take a flight from Belize.

Hotels/ Places in Caye Caulker

The top 5 places where celebrities like to stay:

Eating Points/ Restaurants:

Top 5 restaurants nearby to enjoy divine food.

  • Pasta Per Caso Anna & Armando
  • Reina’s
  • Il Pellicano Cucina Italiana
  • Dee N’ D’s
  • Food Republic Belize

 4) Turneffe Atoll 

turneffe atoll beach in belize

Turneffe Atoll is among the top 3 islands of the Belize Barrier Reef and is situated in the southeast of Caye Caulker and Ambergris Caye. It is the largest island of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. The Mangroves around the island make the atoll even more remarkable.

The beach is home to many endangered marine species and has been a protected area since 2012.

If you are interested to know about sea life, this place offers an abundance of stingrays, large fish, and corals.

Turneffe Atoll is among the best spots for diving for amateurs and experts. The island also offers ample options for beach sports lovers.

The visit to this place is going to be an exciting outside adventure that all of you are going to relish.

Travel Options:

From Belize City, Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport (BZE), you get a  2.5-hour direct flight to the island. However, you can also opt for the water boat or ship to enjoy your travel and experience the sea surroundings.

Places to Stay:

 Here are the top 5 places where you can stay comfortably.

  • The Great House Inn
  • Radisson Fort George Hotel and Marina
  • Harbour View Cottages & Rooms Belize
  • Golden Bay Belize Hotel
  • Coningsby Inn

Eating Points/ Restaurants :

To experience excellent diving and great food, you can drop in Tuffle resort. Also, you can enjoy the local Belizian food on the beach side.

5) Laughing Bird Caye National Park In Belize

laughing bird caye national park in belize

Laughingbird Caye is another island off the coast of Placencia where you can plan a day trip. You can experience a true tropical paradise by visiting here.

It is a long island that sits on an unusually long narrow ridge of the reef called faro. Faro is an angular atoll on a continental shelf, which is also called a shelf atoll.

 it’s a perfect place for family picnics and to enjoy beachside natural sand. Most of the outside tourists prefer to plan a day trip to this place.

For beautiful blue sea water lovers, the beach is surrounded by palm trees that make it a perfect beach destination. The underwater life can be enjoyed.

The island is also a popular spot for birdwatching in Belize. The natural beauty far from the city crowd is a peaceful place for creators and music lovers.

Travel Options:

Laughing Bird Caye is located 11.8 miles off the coast of Placencia Village in the Stann Creek District of Belize on the western side of the Victoria Channel. Since the place is nearby Placencia village, you can stay there and make a day trip to this place.

Places to Stay:

 If you are looking for a stay in Laughingbird Caye. Here are the best options listed below:

  • The Placencia, a Muy’Ono Resort
  • Little Harvest Caye- Private Island
  • Robert’s Grove Beach Resort
  • Sirenian Bay Resort & Villas
  • Ray Caye Island Resort

Eating Points/ Restaurants:

Maya Beach Hotel Bistro and Lionfish Grill at Hatchet Caye Grill are known as the best eating points. They serve fresh and delightful food for the tourists. You can taste the local dishes

6)Silk Cayes – Scuba Diving & Snorkeling Adventures

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving the Silk Cayes of Belize

Just 11 miles away from the Placencia, the Silk Caye is located at a stone’s throw from. Placencia islands.

The beach side is less than a mile long here but the lush green pure seawater is fascinating. The climatic conditions and the natural beauty of the place are spectacular.

 It is a national park protected area that is a top pick for snorkeling and scuba diving. During your visit to Silk Caye, you can spot a wide range of coral types, grouper, turtles, and hammerhead sharks. Moving a little far from the site towards the barrier reef, you might even spot the famed gentle whale shark.

So, take a water boat to visit this beautiful island from Placencia or Belize City.

Travel Options:

The place is nearby Placencia. Most of the tourists travel to this place by taking a road ride from Placencia or they come here by boat. Reaching here from Placencia village is much easier than from Belize. Tourists combine their trip and opt to stay in Placencia Village

Eating Points/ Restaurants :

Here are the top 5 restaurants nearby where you have delicious food.

  • Maya Beach Hotel Bistro
  • Lionfish Grill at Hatchet Caye Grill
  • Turtle Inn
  • Inky’s 19th Hole

Hotels/Places to Stay

Some of the options which you can choose to stay here are:

  • Sirenian Bay Resort & Villas
  • Chabil Mar Guest Exclusive Resort
  • Naia Resort and Spa
  • Laru Beya Resort & Villas
  • Belizean Dreams Resort

7) Pelican Beach – South Water Caye Belize

Pelican Beach in South Water Caye Belize

The place is 14 miles away from Dangriga’s coast. The place is known for its soft, powdery and soothing sand.

The visitors can enjoy a splendid view of the beach beside Pelican Beach Resort, dotted by a maze of coconut trees and hammocks.

 You can have a star watch and an evening party with friends and family by having a comfortable stay here in the resort.

It is also a worthwhile day trip from Dangriga or Hopkins. You can take a boat or ride a bicycle.

Travel Options:

South Water Caye is off the coast of Dangriga. The primary way of getting here is by boat. Boats take about 40 minutes from Dangriga to South Water Caye and all the main hotels include traveling expenses with hotel accommodations.

Places to Stay:

Here are the top 5 places where you can stay comfortably.

  • Blue Marlin Beach Resort
  • Bamboo-Belize
  • The Lodge at Jaguar Reef
  • Hopkins Bay Belize, a Muy’Ono Resort
  • Belizean Dreams Resort

Eating Points/ Restaurants:

Here are the top 5 restaurants nearby where you have delicious food.

  • Bird’s Isle
  • Wet Lizard
  • Riverside Tavern
  • Nerries
  • Mimi’s Bistro

8) Half Moon Caye Natural Monument | Belize National Parks

Half Moon Caye Natural Monument | Belize National Parks

Among the most marvelous beaches of Belize, it has a stunning view. The island is shaped like a crescent moon that justifies its name.

A virtually untouched island offers personal space to relax.  It is partially a white sand beach with a handful of palm trees.

Half Moon Caye is one of the protected nesting sites for turtles.  Apart from the beach life, you enjoy the greenery of the place as on the other side of the beach is a coastal forest.

The view is amazing with one side forest and another side a beach. You can also enjoy swimming, even if you are not a professional swimmer.

Travel Options:

Half Moon Caye is an island and natural monument of Belize located at the southeast corner of Lighthouse Reef Atoll. You can take a flight from Belize to reach here. Most of the tourists prefer to take a boat ride to this place because of the amazing sightseeing on the way.

Hotels/ Places to Stay:

The best hotels where you can stay here are:

Eating Points/ Restaurants :

If you are traveling to this place, Itza Resort is the best place to have your exotic lunch/dinner. Another famous eating junction is the half Moon Caye Resort at the beachside.

 9) Sapodilla Cayes Beach Belize

Sapodilla Caye Marine Reserve in Belize

You will be amazed to know the fact that Belize has more than 200 cayes. One of the famous picturesque Cayes in Belize is Sapodilla Caye.

 It is situated around 40 miles east of Punta Gorda, the Cayes form the southernmost group of Cayes in the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef.

Sapodilla Cayes’ is one of the World’s Heritage Site. It is home to over 14 mangroves and sand Cayes.

Snorkeling, diving, and fishing here are considered some of the country’s beach play games. You can play them here as in other beach locations.

The beach has a lush green area around and crystal clear water . This provides shelter to a wide variety of marine wildlife such as dolphins, sea turtles, whale sharks, and Manta Rays. Other popular fish in the region include snappers, spadefish, parrotfish, and angelfish.

The atmosphere and cool breeze here will refresh you and you can have an alluring holiday time over here.

Travel Options:

The Sapodilla Cayes Marine Reserve has an area of 48.26 square miles including fourteen sand and mangrove cayes along the southernmost tip of Belize. You can take a flight from Belize to reach here. You need to make a booking to reach here. So, don’t forget to check the flights.

Hotels/ Places to Stay:

 Here are the top 5 places where you can stay comfortably.

  • The Somerset on Grace Bay
  • Windsong on the Reef
  • West Bay Club
  • Seven Stars Resort & Spa
  •  The Sands of a Great Way

Eating Points/ Restaurants:

Here are the top 5 restaurants nearby where you have delicious food.

  • Mega Sushi Roll
  • La Caverna
  • Pink Octopus at Palm Cay
  • Twisted Lime Sports Bar and Grill
  • Blue Sail

  10) Tobacco Caye

Tobacco caye belize

A small island of Tobacco Caye is 16 km from the coast of Dangriga. The case has an approx.. area of 3 acres which is small compared to other places. However, you can manage to get a lodge to relax.

The ferry ride is the main attraction here. You can view the ferries coming in and out while relaxing in your sunbathing chair.

You can swim on the entire island. It will be an overwhelming swim for the robust swimmers. Also, you can spend time here by reading, snorkeling, kayaking, or fishing.

For foodies, there are local restaurants on the island that offer delicious seafood. Also, you can taste local dishes that will provide an insight into Belize’s food.

Travel Options:

The place is at a small distance of (30-minute) from Dangriga and you can reach here by boat ride. .The beach is near the Hopkins village, therefore you can take a taxi from the village to reach here. For Hopkins, you can take a flight from Belize.

Hotels/Places to Stay:

 Here are the top 5 places where you can stay comfortably.

  • Tobacco Caye Paradise
  • Reef’s End Lodge
  • Hopkins Bay, a Muy’Ono Resort
  • Parrot Cove Lodge
  • Royal Belize, a Muy’Ono Resort

Eating Points/ Restaurants :

Here are the top 5 restaurants nearby where you have delicious food.

  • Island Breeze Bar & Grill
  • Tuani Garifuna
  • Riverside Café
  • Steph’s Mek Mi Plate Diner
  • OceanView

 Note: The travel options mentioned in the post are mentioned from Belize. You can take a flight to reach Belize and plan your trip accordingly.

Tips to Plan a Rocking Beach Trip

Belize has many beaches where you can go. So, here are a few tips before you plan a visit:

  • Choose the right beach for the type of vacation you are planning
  • Get your stuff to relax and take sunbathing.
  • Keep the emergency medical kit ready with you.
  • Bring Beach Bags, Ziploc Bags, Trash Bags, and/or An All-Terrain Mesh Cart.
  • If you are with your friends and family, plan fun activities as per the weather.
  • Keep yourself cool and hydrated when you are visiting the beachside.
  •  Keep some ready to eat snacks, especially if you are visiting with kids.
  • To capture your vacation, keep the electronic devices charged, and don’t forget to carry chargers.

All the beach locations of Belize are connected with Google Earth, so you can view the map of the location you are visiting. Get detailed information and nearby places. It will be a great help if you are not taking a guide along. Also, check the best ways to reach the beach you are visiting.

Belize has quite warm and swampy weather. Visiting here during the late spring and early summer is a perfect time. You will get an economical place to stay.

As a Caribbean nation, Belize becomes crowded during cold and snow that makes your stay costly here. As hurricanes occasionally make landfall in Belize, so late summer and early fall are riskier in that regard.

Plan a Beach Vacation to Belize

Planning a trip with family or a honeymoon trip to discover natural sea beauty or you like to go on an adventurous trip along with friends, Belize is one of the budget-friendly, safe after COVID and eco-friendly tourist destinations.

 The compact size of the country is full of vibrant and nature–friendly tourist locations far from the crowded city places. Lush tropical rain forests, pristine beaches, ancient Maya cities, diverse flora and fauna, and the longest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere are just a few of the many natural attractions that allure the traveler to visit.

If you are interested in exploring sea life and wish to spend time exploring beach sports and underwater life within a short time, then Belize offers a perfect blend of natural beaches and forest life.

On average, the trip to Belize is going to cost you:

  • Accommodation: US$329.50 each. 
  • Transportation: US$101.64
  • Food: US $417
  • Activities: US $10

By calculating all the expenditure, most travelers have spent around US $ 65-70 each day during their stay in Belize.

Get to know the necessary information to plan and book your trip to visit beaches in Belize. Stay tuned with us!

Have a Great Time on Your Next Beach Vacation!

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We feel delighted to help you in planning your budgeted trips where you can have a contented stay and explore the best eating points. We cover the local places where you can visit.

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